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Name: CC Behrens
Instrument: Drums
Hometown: Hannover
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Eye Color: brown-green
Hair Color: brown
Marital Status: married, one daughter, two cats
Favorite Bands: The Who, Sting, Van Halen
Favorite FW Song: Push Me On, Generation Jedi
Favorite Foods: Italian Noodles in all varities, Sushi
Favorite Cars: Mercedes
Favorite Sports: Mountaineering, Jogging
Favorite Books: Reinhold Messner's adventures
Favorite Movies: Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Matrix

Favorite Actors: Robert de Niro, Sean Connery, Famke Janssen, Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas

Favorite Places: The Alpes, Spain
Favorite Escape: my rehearsal room, The Alpes
Likes: fairness, health, my family
Don't Like: bad breath
Other Band been in: former been in Silent Circle and Heinz Rudolf Kunze Band, now acting with Trommelfeuer
What Motivates You? success, compliments
How do you spend your spare time? hanging around with my family
Slogan: Do all what you do with passion!
Tommy About CC: " We are getting old…so what!!!!! "